Want to build your own transport or adapt a system you already have working to be a Pluggable Transport? Great!

  • Adapting an existing system? Start by checking out the PT2 Specification and learn about Dispatcher
  • Want to build a new transport? Keep reading!

Current Transports

Read through the Transports Library to see current transports and approaches to the problem. Specifically, reading through the evaluations of popular transports will help understand and identify common challenges. You can read the Evaluation Criteria.

Tor’s Pluggable Transport Documentation contains years of compiled wisdom.

Current challenges

Our brief history of censorship’s sections on DPI filtering and advanced censorship will help you begin to understand what you’re up against.

Tor’s expectations for inclusion into the Tor Browser Bundle and the Evaluation Criteria for transports also provide valuable code and quality and practice expectations for being a responsible actor in this space.

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