Installing a mobile VPN with support for Pluggable Transports

The Pluggable Transports team recently worked with Calyx to add Pluggable Transports support to their product, which is based on the Bitmask VPN. This will eventually be superseded by a full implementation of Pluggable Transport support in the Calyx VPN, but as a starting point the Bitmask VPN can be used with support for PT bridges.

The video on this page guides you through the steps of installing F-Droid, downloading and installing the app, and configuring it to use Pluggable Transports.

Steps Taken

  1. Download and install F-Droid from
  2. Open F-Droid and the catalog will update.
  3. Use the green Search button to find Bitmask VPN.
  4. Install Bitmask VPN. When asked, choose to “Allow from this source”.
  5. Open Bitmask, and choose the provider “”.
  6. Select OK to approve the VPN connection setup request.
  7. Select the option “Using Bridges” to enable Pluggable Transports.
  8. Press the key icon to start the VPN.
  9. When connected, you will see a key in the status bar at the top of the screen.
  10. When finished, press the big key button to switch the VPN off.