The Pluggable Transports Implementers’ Meeting is a bi-annual event that brings together hackers, technologists, academics, and community from a variety of companies and organizations to solve pressing issues related to internet security and the open internet.

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October 13

10-11AM Trust in Censorship Circumvention: Open source, reproducible builds, and open metrics Censorship circumvention tools have unusual threat models; by definition, the users of these tools are intentionally flouting norms, controls, organizational policies, and occasionally, even laws. As the developers of these tools, the speakers will discuss how they can ensure their tools are trustworthy and effective.
11-12PM Open Discussion Facilitated open conversation: breakout rooms, 1:1, and hacking
12-1PM Lightning Talks Obfuscation is Not Encryption // How to Present Censorship that is Not a Protocol // RDSYS: Modern System for Distributing Circumvention Proxies // What I2P can do Tor and Why it Might Work // TCP PT
1-2:30PM User Group Community Discussion The discussion will feature key censorship circumvention user groups discussing current trends they are witnessing in censorship practices and thoughts on circumvention tool usage and the need for innovation.
2:30-3:30PM Lightning Talks DNS Testing // Ideas for Next Generation Transports // VPNs and PTs // Take Your Circumvention Tool to the Next Level with Optimizer // Tunnelbear's ESNI for Anti-Censorship and the IF Community

October 14

10-11AM How to Better Detect and Share Censorship of PTs and Canary Deployment Case Exploring the critical challenges of balancing responsiveness and ensuring our tools get back online with the broader benefit of sharing what we are collectively learning about how blocking is taking place.
11-12PM Open Discussion Facilitated open conversation: breakout rooms, 1:1, and hacking
12-1PM Lightning Talks MASQUE Project // How Outline is Resistant to Blocking // iOS: Ongoing Challenges and Opportunities from App Store Censorship to Network Extensions // Software Distribution Opportunities: Hidden, possibly harder to block bridges using I2P // Minecraft and Dakar Hackathon
1-2:30PM Threat Modeling How should we threat model PTs? What risks do we accept on behalf of users, and how do we communicate that responsibly?

October 15

10AM-12PM Domain Fronting and Big Platforms in 2021 What are current successful engagements with private sector looking like, and what other opportunities should we explore?
12-1PM Lightning Talks Shipping a Transport: From Concept to Consumer // Software Distribution Opportunities: Why We Decided to Start Distributing Snowflake with a New I2P Browsing Toolkit // Geneva: What It's Done, What It Can Do, and How It Can Help Other Evasion Tools // Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)-Based Model for Traffic Obfuscation
1-2:30PM Hard Problems Brainstorm This time will be split between a strategic brainstorming session in which we will reflect on the content from the previous days of the PTIM, build a wish list for future developments, and build space for open hack time and smaller focused discussions.

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