New projects - Clemson and eQualitie


This month, we’re excited to announce two new projects from our Small Grants pool.

Clemson University: Influenced by issues raised as far back as 2013 by Ali Houmansadr et al, the team at Clemson University will be addressing the challenges of true protocol mimicry. Their project is the next logical step, as they work towards a proof-of-concept for tunneling data in a truly game-changing way!

eQualitie: Since the beginning of 2017, eQualitie has been working on the project to counter Internet filtering through peer-to-peer routing and distributed caching. They will be adding Pluggable Transport support to Ouinet, part of their core network technology.

Both of these will be delivered in the coming months, and we’ll update this site with releases and links to the project source code. We also have some more projects on the way - check back for more announcements soon!