Pluggable Transports Specification v2.2 released


The latest version of the Pluggable Transports community specification has been uploaded to the github repository. The latest completed specification can be found in the releases folder, along with all numbered versions. The latest update was to the Dispatcher module, which is updated to V2.2. All other modules remain as V2.1. Changes made in PT V2.2 are backwards-compatible with V2.1 and V2.0.

Changes to this version of the spec are:

  1. Reduced Use of Microformats in IPC parameters New parameters will be introduced which have simplified values. The old parameters will be kept for backwards compatibility.

  2. User Settable Proxy Listen Address A new command line flag will be added that allows the user to specify the proxy listener address.

  3. Reduced Number of Required IPC Parameters All IPC parameters will be marked in the specification as optional except for those which are actually required because no good default parameter value can be chosen.

  4. Improved Logging in IPC A new IPC protocol message will be introduced to carry logging information. Additionally, a new command line option will be introduced to control IPC logging, as opposed to other logging that the transports might do either internally or using the dispatcher’s logging facilities.

Do you want to contribute to future iterations and revisions of the specification? Set yourself up as a “watcher” in the repository, and feel free to add issues and ideas.