Small Grant Announcement - Sublime Software


We’re very pleased to announce that the latest recipient of funding from the Pluggable Transports project is Sublime Software.

Sublime Software are the creators of Briar, an open-source, secure messaging app that offers peer-to-peer messaging and forums. With Briar, messages are stored securely on your device, and not in the cloud. For this project, Sublime Software wil be adding pluggable transports support to the Briar app, and developing code to identify when these transports are needed.

If you want to try Briar for yourself, you can get to their app on the Google Play Store, where a new beta has just been released.

We’re continuing to support developers through our Small Grants Pool - get in touch if you have a project idea, either for implementation of transports in your software, or for research into new pluggable transports.