Operator's Optimizer released for Swift and Go


Operator Foundation recently completed and released two new prototypes for its Optimizer transport, for use with Go and Swift.

The Go prototype can be accessed from Operator’s main Go transport repository at https://github.com/OperatorFoundation/shapeshifter-transports, while the Swift implementation can be accessed at https://github.com/OperatorFoundation/Shapeshifter-Swift-Transports. The two implementations have feature parity with regards to strategy modules, although the Swift version makes use of additional strategies designed for the Apple-specific environment.

In addition to this work, Operator have added Optimizer support to shapeshifter-dispatcher, which allows Optimizer to be used in other environments, through the PT 2.1 Inter-process communication (IPC) specification. This extra development has also involved a modification to shapeshifter-dispatcher to allow options to be read from a configuration file rather than specified on the command line.

Full documentation for shapeshifter-dispatcher and the Optmizer transports are contained in the repositories’ README files.